Who We Are

About Us

The business travel take accuracy and precision to operate with success. A business charter traveller’s time can not be overestimated in value. AAES appreciate the time factor and operate in demanding, challenging and time  measurable  conditions. Africa Aviation Executive Service (AAES) was born as a flight support provider with new approach to business aviation support. At AAES we treat our customers time and finance as our own, always striving to achieve feasible and cost effective solution in the flight planning, in-flight and ground handling services.

Established in 2016 in the Nairobi, Kenya AAES combines a team of aviation talents and top executives with industry experience of over 15 years. Despite our young age, we have it all figured out. AAES provides the best contracted rates for any services throughout the private jet journey, from the flight planning to crew recruitment, flight and landing permits, parking slots, fuelling and meet and greet.

AAES is on a mission to perfection when it comes to aviation support.


To provide a full range of specialized flight support services designed for both value and convenience for the purpose of business and commercial aviation. 



To be the Africa’s first choice support agent and supply the best  integrated aviation industry solutions.