About us

A Perfect Journey Every Time

Africa Aviation Executive Services (AAES) is on a mission to make your air travel perfect.

AAES is an aviation support company focused on the needs of airline and private jet operators. We provide wide-ranging aviation support services to commercial and general aviation fleets, as well as catering to the needs of those who travel in private jets. Our expertise covers every aspect of the air travel from flight planning to obtaining necessary permits, parking slots, fuelling and ground handling arrangements at the destination.

Combining a team of aviation talents with top executives and industry experience of over 15 years, AAES provides the best contracted rates for any services throughout the journey. Our long-term partnerships with major fuel suppliers, ground support agents, FBO’s and CAA of various countries has positioned us to cater to our clients with quick arrangements of quality service making us a reliable and cost-effective flight-support service provider in the African region.

We believe in providing our clients with exceptional service through our professionalism and understanding of their needs. We work hard to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the quality and delivery of our service. Our top priorities are always safety and customer satisfaction with our clients. Our attention to detail ensures your journey will be as smooth as possible by eliminating any potential issues before they occur.