Flight Permits

Are you tired of the hassle and stress of obtaining flight permits for your aviation operations? Let us help you streamline the process and get the authorizations you need quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced team of aviation professionals can handle the entire flight permit process for you. We ensure that your flights comply with national and international aviation regulations and maintain safety and security standards.

With our comprehensive flight permit services, you can:

  • Save time and hassle by letting us handle the process for you
  • Ensure compliance with aviation regulations and safety standards
  • Improve the efficiency of your flight operations with timely authorizations
  • Get customized services tailored to your specific needs

Don’t let flight permits hold you back from successful and efficient flight operations. Choose our reliable, efficient flight permit services and take your aviation operations to the next level.

Overflying Permits

We provide our clients with up-to-date information on overflight clearance requirements. Our team provides information that they are aware of any changes or updates that may affect their flight. AAES experts continuously monitor flight routes in real-time. We keep clients informed with updates and alerts, providing timely information on any changes or disruptions that could impact their flight.

We ensure that our clients’ applications fully comply with all relevant regulations and requirements. Additionally, we maintain close collaboration with aviation authorities to expedite the clearance process.

Landing Permits

Landing permits serve the crucial purpose of assessing the airport’s capacity to accommodate the specific aircraft and its passengers. Simultaneously, they verify that all essential safety and security criteria are satisfied. When an aircraft intends to land at an airport within a country’s airspace, it requires a landing permit. The country’s civil aviation authority issues landing permits. They are essential to ensure the aircraft complies with the country’s rules and regulations.

At Africa Aviation Executive Services, we offer a comprehensive landing permits service. We assist our clients in navigating complex regulatory requirements, obtaining the necessary permissions for their flights to land safely and efficiently.

Technical Landing Permit

A technical landing permit becomes necessary when an aircraft needs to land in a country for non-commercial reasons. These reasons include activities like refueling, maintenance, or crew changes in a country that is not its home base. The relevant aviation authority of the concerned country generally grants technical permits. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to local aviation regulations and safety standards during the application process and the actual landing.

Ferry Flight Permit

When relocating an aircraft from one location to another without passengers or cargo, a ferry flight permit is necessary. Ferry flights can be necessary for maintenance purposes or to position an aircraft for a future commercial or private flight. Aviation authorities in both the departure and arrival countries typically issue ferry flight permits. These permits often come with distinct conditions and limitations for the flight.

Charter Flight Permit

Non-scheduled flights which are not part of a regular airline schedule need this permit. Business travel, vacation travel, or other purposes commonly use charter flights. The aviation authorities in both the departure and arrival countries typically issue charter flight permits. These permits often entail adhering to local aviation regulations and safety standards.

Special Flight Permits

Flights that don’t fall under the standard categories of overflight, landing, or technical permits require these permits. Activities like aerial photography, air shows, or experimental flights may require special permits.