VIP Handling Supervision

Indulge in the luxury of our VIP Handling Supervision services, where exclusivity meets meticulous care. We provide personalized attention and seamless coordination for our discerning clients, ensuring that every aspect of your travel experience is nothing short of exceptional. From expedited check-ins to private lounges and tailored in-flight amenities, we handle every detail with the utmost confidentiality and sophistication. Our dedicated team supervises every step, ensuring privacy, convenience, and a seamless journey. Elevate your travel experience to extraordinary with our VIP touch.

Meet & Greet

AAES VIP Handling Supervision aim to make travel experience seamless. It encompasses a variety of personalised services tailored to meet each passenger’s specific needs.

Personal Meet and Greet

A dedicated agent meets the VIP upon arrival at the airport or at the aircraft and provides personalized assistance throughout the airport experience.

Fast-Track Security and Immigration

VIPs are guided through expedited security and immigration lines to avoid long waits and ensure a swift airport transit.

Private Lounge Access

Access to exclusive airport lounges that offer privacy, comfort, and a range of amenities such as gourmet food, showers, and relaxation areas.

Luggage Handling

VIPs receive assistance with their luggage from the moment they arrive at the airport until they leave, including porter service and luggage delivery.

Luxury Ground Transportation

Arrangement of high-end vehicles for transportation to and from the aircraft, and possibly tarmac transfers, depending on airport regulations.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Ensuring the VIP’s privacy is respected at all times, with measures in place to avoid unwanted attention or disturbances.

Concierge Services

A concierge is available to fulfill any special requests, from restaurant reservations and event tickets to personal shopping and bespoke experiences.

Boarding and Deplaning Assistance

Personal assistance during boarding and deplaning, often with the option of using private jet bridges or remote stands to enhance privacy.

Customs and Immigration Assistance

Support with any paperwork and expedited processing through customs and immigration to streamline the arrival or departure process.

Onsite Coordination

Continuous coordination with airport staff, ground handlers, and airline representatives to manage the VIP’s journey and address any issues promptly.

Special Arrangements

Making special arrangements as needed, such as in-terminal transfers, private security details, or coordinating with medical personnel.

Travel Planning and Itinerary Management

Assistance with travel planning, including flight bookings, hotel accommodations, and transportation arrangements, tailored to the VIP’s preferences and schedule.

Make your travel experience memorable with our personalised VIP handling services. Our professional team is committed to providing you with a customized welcome or farewell at the airport. From VIP meet-and-greet services to special arrangement requests, we make sure your travel experience is customised to your unique needs and preferences.

Arrive in style, depart with ease

Choose us for your next trip and experience the difference in personalized meet and greet services.