TC-1 jet fuel is a reliable and efficient choice for aviation operators in some parts of the world, particularly in the former Soviet Union. With a high density and a low freeze point, TC-1 fuel is ideal for use in cold climates. It is compatible with many gas-turbine engines used in commercial aviation, but it is important to follow the guidance provided by aircraft and engine manufacturers to ensure safe and efficient operations.  

TC-1 fuel (or NATO F-35) is a type of aviation fuel that meets the requirements of the NATO specification for aviation turbine fuels. It is a kerosene-based fuel that is used primarily by military aircraft, although it can also be used by some commercial aircraft. Here are some specifics about TC-1 jet fuel:


The TC-1 fuel is a type of kerosene-based fuel that is used in some countries, particularly in the former Soviet Union. It has a similar composition to Jet A-1 fuel, but with some differences in its properties.


Designed for use in cold climates, TC-1 fuel ensures its suitability. It has a minimum flash point of 38°C and a freeze point below -47°C. It has a higher density than Jet A-1 fuel, which means it provides more energy per unit volume.


Military and commercial aviation operations in the former Soviet Union and some other countries primarily use this fuel. It is less common in other regions because of limited availability.


It works well with many gas-turbine engines found in commercial aviation. To ensure safety and efficiency, it’s crucial to adhere to the guidance offered by aircraft and engine manufacturers when using it.


It is subject to rigorous quality control measures to ensure its safe use in aircraft. To ensure compatibility and prevent contamination, it is crucial to use proper fueling procedures and equipment.


Jet B and JP-4 are often the preferred choices for cold climates cause of their lower freeze points. This characteristic makes them better suited for use in such environmental conditions compared to Jet A-1.

With the aviation industry’s focus on reducing carbon emissions, alternative jet fuels like sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) are becoming more widespread.

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