Ferry Flight Permits

Ferry flights, also known as repositioning flights, involve conducting flights without passengers or cargo. Aircraft usually utilize these flights to relocate from one location to another for maintenance, repairs, or other operational purposes. However, conducting a ferry flight requires obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations to ensure a safe and legal flight.

Ferry Flight Permits

Aircraft need ferry flight permits when flying for non-revenue purposes like maintenance or repositioning. The procedure for applying for a ferry flight permit typically involves the following steps:

Determine the route

The first step in applying for a ferry flight permit is to determine the intended route of the flight. Check whether the countries along the planned route require overflight and landing permits.

Gather required information

Gather all the necessary information required for the permit application as the next step. This includes information about the aircraft, the crew, and the purpose of the ferry flight.

Submit the application

After collecting all the necessary information, submit the application to the authorities in each country the aircraft will pass through. This may involve submitting the application online, by fax, or by email. 

Wait for approval

The relevant authorities in each country will review the application submitted. The authorities will then make a decision about whether to grant the ferry flight permit. The duration of this process varies. It typically takes from a few days to several weeks, depending on the specific country and the complexity of the application.

Receive the permit

If they approve the permit, you will receive an official document. You must carry this document onboard the aircraft during the ferry flight. The permit typically includes information about the approved route, along with the date and time of the flight. It may also specify any conditions or restrictions that you must adhere to.

Pay any fees

Some countries may require payment of fees for ferry flight permits. Fees may vary depending on the size of the aircraft or the purpose of the flight. In some cases, you may need to pay these fees before we issue the permit.

Renew the permit if necessary

Ferry flight permits usually have a limited time they’re valid for. If your flight experiences delays or rescheduling, you might need to apply for a new permit. You can also renew the permit you already have in such cases.

The process of applying for ferry flight permits can be complex and time-consuming. However, it is an essential step in guaranteeing the safe and legal operation of aircraft for non-revenue purposes. Working with experienced professionals is crucial. They can guide you through the process and make sure you obtain all the necessary permits.

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